Sunday, 30 December 2012

Red - Taylor swift

As Taylor Swift's fourth studio album, you'd expect that by this time she's got her writing, recording, song selection and so on down to a T. I don't know about you but I definitely wasn't disappointed!
She's got the perfect balance between country and pop, not too Achy Breaky, not too bubblegum, no one can do it like her, and that's what makes her unique. Of course there's the usual controversy about the many boyfriends, and who each song is about, but does it really matter?
She is first and foremost a musician, that's what we should concentrate on and it's definitely worth it.
One more thing I love about this album - The variety of songs, from the upbeat and defiant 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' to the heartbreaking 'I Almost Do', it's all different, yet still all true to the heart.

The first song that caught my eye was 'Red'. Swift uses the underlying emotional connotation of different colours to explain how she's feeling about her ex-boyfriend.


This album also has some collaborations with some other artists, and with neither Ed Sheeran or Gary Lightbody having even a slightly similar musical style to her, you wonder how on earth she makes it work as well as she does. Emulsifying Sheeran's famous acoustic guitar and her emotive voice, and Lightbody's Heart wrenching voice with her beautiful performance in a genre she's not used to can't have been easy. Somehow they've made it work and for me have created two beautiful songs that I enjoy listening to.

Everything Has Changed - Ft. Ed Sheeran

The Last Time - Ft. Gary Lightbody

This final song is my favorite song on the whole album. It's called 'Starlight'. She wrote it about a picture she saw of Ethel and John. F. Kennedy when they were young. You can't help but admire how this girl can not only write country songs, she writes songs with awesome pop vocals and unforgettable synth fillers, a true dance song that anyone could enjoy.


It's up to you what you think of this album, but in my eyes, this is something for Taylor to be proud of - I will be listening to Starlight, Red, and all of the other songs on repeat for quite a while. Well done Ms. Swift.

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