Thursday, 3 January 2013

Take the Crown - Robbie Williams

I LOVE Robbie Williams. He is one of my idols - he is literally the only person within about 10 miles of Alsager that has become a famous musician. I mean there are some awesome 'locally' famous bands, but not Robbie Williams famous.


Robbie's ninth studio album is definitely not a disappointment, although it isn't exactly suitable for young 'uns. With BBC Music giving it a title of 'Favourable' and 4/5 stars from The Guardian, the album's reception has been good, although Neil McCormick from The Observer states "The moment when Williams had his finger on the pulse of the pop nation is gone, leaving only a smart, accomplished entertainer singing to his fan base".
Going through the album, I think I may agree, but don't underestimate his fanbase. They range from children whose parents are huge fans to wise ones who've always had a thing for him.

One song I do like on the album is 'Gospel'. The background guitar riff is reminiscent of country music yet William's vocals are exactly the same as always, with the female backing singer adding extra depth and emotion.


Another song I like is 'Candy'. This is definitely the most upbeat pop song on the album. The track samples Todd Terje's single 'Eurodans'  and was written by Williams himself alongside Take That band mate Gary Barlow and Terje Olsen.


The only songs I'm not a huge fan of are 'S**t on the radio' - It's a catchy tune but does the swearing ruin it? and 'Hey wow yeah yeah' - yet another catchy tune but I think the lyrics are a bit pointless and repetitive, But see what you think.

S**t on the radio

Hey Wow Yeah Yeah

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